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Specificity for reservation made through a travel agency ; see paragraph "9" below.

- For a complete trip with Hansathai Tavel
- All types of transport, guide, visits, lunch, hotels...
- From arrival to departure from Thailand

Valid for our trips to Thailand for any reservation at least 90 days before 1st service

Cancellation insurance OFFERED



Thailand, Myanmar,
Vietnam, Cambodge, Lao
> Case of cancellation justified by the customer
- Time before the first Hansathai Travel Service :

Until 15 Days FREE
 14 to 8 Days   50 %
7 to 2 Days   80 %
 Under 2 Days 100 %

Thailand, Myanmar,
Vietnam, Cambodge, Lao
> Cancellation by Hansathai for unpaid invoice
- For the amount provided and indicated on our invoices
- At the due date indicated and indicated on our invoices


Special Myanmar
> Case of cancellation justified by the customer
- Time before the first Hansathai Travel service

Until 60 Days   25 %
 59 to 30 Days   35 %
 29 to 16 Days   60 %
15 to   3 Days   80 %
From 2 Days 100 %


Undil D-15
of the first service


1) - Your international air ticket must be confirmed in order to be able to take out our cancellation insurance. It presents the reality of your travel plan, the names of the participants and the date of your start of the trip (you must send us this informations written).

2) - The cancellation conditions are indicated below in paragraph 9.

3) - On certain dates known as Peak Season (international new year, Chinese new year...) or for certain services... ; the services are not refundable even in the case where, for the other services of your trip with Hansathai Travel, insurance allows cancellation free of charge until D-15 for example.
In this case, this will be indicated on your estimate as well as on your invoice.

4) - Plane tickets are sometimes included in our services.
These plane tickets are never refundable in the event of cancellation by the customer, even in the case where the "reimbursement of expenses in the event of justified cancellation" guarantee has been taken out by the customer.

5) - Train tickets booked "in addition to a trip with Hansathai Travel" fall within the cancellation conditions in the same way as the entire trip. Cancellation without doing until D-15 (of the 1st day of the trip with Hansathai Travel) for example.

- Train tickets sold alone and not included in a complete trip with Hansathai Travel are never refundable. In the event of cancellation of your trip, loss, theft, destruction or forgetting of your tickets, no reimbursement of the tickets is possible directly by Hansathai Travel Service.

6) - Cancellation insurance is not possible for Airline personnel, their ascendants and descendants and travel agencies and tourism professionals who purchase our services (client of a travel agency, staff of a travel agency, an airline company, etc...).

7) - In the event of a refund, this will be made by standard bank transfer or via TransferWise or refund in cash in Thailand. All bank charges are deducted from the refund.

8) - Services reserved as alone (rent a car or daily excursion, dinner...) and not inside a full trip ; are non-refundable ; except in specific cases of "OFFERED" insurance indicated on our quotes or indicated on our website (promo period for example).


8.A2 - Cancellation fees

In some rare cases (periods of annual or special festivities for example) the cancellation fees could be higher than the table above. The difference between the new actual charges indicated before your reservation and the charges indicated above would not be reimbursed by the insurance in the event of cancellation.
In this case, we indicate it to you on your estimate and on your invoice.

8.A3 - Unjustified Cancellation
- A justified cancellation is understood to be justified as indicated in paragraphs 9C and 9D below.

- An unjustified cancellation of a reservation already confirmed is not refundable in any case.

8.A4 - Re-calculation of the price
In the event of the cancellation of one or more participants, and in the event that the circuit is maintained for the other participants; the price / person of the tour could (in some cases) be recalculated.

- Depending on the new number of participants
(for example a trip booked in a group of 20 people with 18 cancellations)

- In the event that the cancellation is not covered by our insurance below

- Depending on the date on which this possible cancellation would take place (example: cancellation occurs +30 days before arrival in Asia and therefore with too few cancellation fees covered by the Chapter 9 Guarantee).


We can guarantee you the reimbursement of the amount of sums already paid to HST (1) concerning the price of your trip in the event of justified cancellation of your trip.

Valid for our trips to Thailand for any reservation at least 90 days before 1st service

Cancellation insurance OFFERED

(1) Hansathai Travel Service / ASTE Discovery
New Connecting Solution

9.A - Cost of this cancellation guarantee
+3% (three percent) of the total amount of services purchased.

9.B - Are never reimbursed
- The price of the subscription of the insurance of 3 percent of the price of the trip.
(this is indicated on your invoice)

- The cost of requesting modification by the customer of a reservation already confirmed.

9.C - Conditions for reimbursement
- Have subscribed and paid the guarantee
- Booking less 90 days before the first service
- Booking after your flight international is confirmed

- Cancellation occurring before 12:01 a.m. on the scheduled day of your first service reservation in Asia with Hansathai Travel Service.

- Notify us of the cancellation "as soon as possible".

- Justify the reasons for your cancellation
(medical certificate, certificate of hospitalization, certificate of emergency service as a firefighter, etc.).

9.Ca  - Serious illness
(accident or death)

- Of the person registered for the trip and having subscribed to this guarantee.

- From her spouse.
- Of these direct ascendants or descendants.

9.Cb - Destruction by fire
Accidents or natural elements

Professional or private premises that the travel participant occupies as owner or tenant; provided that the premises are destroyed to more than 50% and that this damage was not voluntarily caused by one of the persons designated by this contract or participating in the trip.

9.Cc - Serious illness
A serious illness is a deterioration in health duly certified by a competent medical authority, formally prohibiting leaving the room and requiring the absolute cessation of all professional or other activity.

9.D - Cases of exclusions
- Death following treatment during the 3 months preceding your reservation.

- Illness, accident of which the person registered for the trip knew of the existence at the time of booking the trip and that this illness or accident required treatment within a period of three months preceding the first service.

- State of pregnancy and any possible complications due to this state.

- Need to perform a cure, an aesthetic, psychic or psychotherapeutic treatment, including nervous depression.

- Alcoholism, drunkenness, the use of medicines, drugs and narcotics.

- Against indication of vaccination or air travel.

- The non-compliance of administrative documents (passport, visas, vaccinations, etc.), even if this problem followed a loss or theft.

- Cancellation of the trip by the customer for the sole reason that the destination is not recommended by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Western countries or following the dissemination of "information" generally preferentially catastrophic (radio, television, newspapers, internet, opinion of friends claiming to be well informed...).

9.E - Period of validity
The guarantee of reimbursement of sums already paid applies from the first sum paid as a deposit or balance of our invoices and in the event that the insurance premium of 3% of the total amount of the cost of the trip will have been paid for by the subscriber (or offered by Hansathai Travel during the promotional period, for example, indicated on your quote and your invoice).

This guarantee of reimbursement of sums already paid expires at 12:01 a.m. on the scheduled day of your first service reservation in Asia.

9.F - Document to communicate to us
An official certificate making your trip impossible (medical certificate, insurance certificate reporting the destruction of your home, death certificate, etc.).
This certificate must be sent to us as soon as possible upon knowledge of the fact which justifies the cancellation of your trip.


The cancellation fees that will be retained by Hansathai Travel Service LP in the event of cancellation of a reservation made through the travel agencies (europeen per exeample) are those indicated by this travel agency to these own customers in these own General Conditions.
At a minimum, they can never be less than the cancellation fees indicated in paragraph "8" above.


Assistance, repatriation, luggage insurance... is probably already taken out by you because it is integrated into your car insurance, your home insurance, your personal insurance... is also for holders of certain credit cards, even if the trip is not purchased with this credit card or if only your international flight was purchased with your credit card (to be confirmed by your insurance company and/or your bank)...
In case you need additional insurance or if you live in a country in which Thailand is not covered by your own insurance:
- 3 Thai Insurances offer the same contract which therefore covers: accident, luggage...
We remain at your disposal for any further information.