We use this software daily to record your reservations.
It is the simple and secure system for your payments by international credit card (Visa, Mastercard) which allows you to make your reservations on our online sales website.


iPay Links
Are located on our online sales website pages.
Complete trips or rental of private vehicles and drivers, dinners, sleeper trains, Mekong cruises, day trips etc... ;

or they are included in our invoices.

Click on the hand.

example on the left

When you click

On " 2 415 Bahts" (per example)
The Bangkok Bank iPay for Hansathai Travel Service appears.

Click > Bottom left on the Visa Mastercard logo.
(below is for Thai and Chinese cards).

Already indicated

- Name of our travel agency
- Amount of your payment
(example here 2 415 Bahts)
- Our merchant code 201-930-856


To fill out by you

- Card Number = Number of your credit card
- Expiry Date (mm/yyyy) = Expiry date MONTH / YEAR
- Name as shown on card = Name person shown on the card
- Issuer Bank Country = Country of YOUR bank
(the bank that issued your credit card)

- Issuer Bank Name = Name of your bank
(in our example it says Thailand)
(you must writte the country of origin of your credit card)

- Others = Check + Bank name of your credit card
- CVV2 / CV2 = Write the last 3 digits
(listed behind your signature on your credit card).

Exchange rates

In Thailand, the legal account of a legal Thai company must be a bank account located in Thailand.
The legal accounting of Thai companies is of course in the currency of the country, that is to say in Thai Baht.

It is YOUR bank that pratical the official exchange rate on the day of your payment. Your account (in Europ for example), is debited in Euros and our account in Thailand is credited in Thai Baht.

So that the payment of your deposit is a legal value and officially registers your customer file in a Thai company ; the payment of your deposit must therefore be made to a bank account in the name of the travel agency (such as "Hansathai Travel Service" for example) and located in Thailand and in the legal currency of the country, i.e. in Thai Baht.

- This is the only legal way to pay for your deposit.

- With the official declaration of your file and the company taxation that goes with it.

- This is the only way that allows you to make a legal claim and to have rights in the event of a dispute.

- And this is the only way that makes your travel agency's commitments binding.

A Thai travel agency that asks you to make payment to a personal account rather than the travel agency's bank account or a PayPal account or worse through Werstern Union or a bank account located outside of Thailand or in currency other than the Thai Baht should be absolutely avoided (this is only intended to protect your file from taxation but also from the legal protection that this represents for you.


- Our bank Bangkok Bank, like all serious banks on the planet, will never send you an electronic mail (e-mail) to ask you for your password or ask you for your financial information, nor will it provide you with a link in a email to ask you to connect to online banking...


Our colleagues do not always specify it very clearly but we prefer to tell you now.

- Thai charge for payment by credit card : 5 %
This sum corresponds to the costs of the secure payment system by credit card and to the Thai taxation associated with these costs.


At Hansathai Travel, with a deposit amount of only 800 Bahts deposit for a rental of 3,800 Bahts (per day fuel included for example); therefore corresponds to a Thai credit card payment fee of only 40 Bahts:
= That is to say 1.05 % of the amount of the invoice.

- Reservation of a trip
At Hansathai Travel, with a deposit amount of only 20+30 = 50 %

So the Thai charge for payment by credit card is
= Only 2.5 % of the total invoice amount.


- The UPI (UnionPay International; payment by credit card from China) and TPN (Thai Payment Network; a group of several Thai credit card payment banks) systems have already been operational in our Bangkok Bank secure iPay since March 1, 2017.

- Same functions as with a Visa or a Eurocard BUT the costs fall from 5 to 3 or even 2 percent only !


- Example of a payment in Thailand with a Visa card from Kasikorn Bank for example.

- YOUR bank sends you, on your personal telephone screen, a code at the end of the iPay procedure. It is a security procedure.

- This means that YOUR bank sends you, on YOUR personal telephone number, a code that you must enter on the page of YOUR bank which appears on your payment screen following our iPay. Copying this code into your bank's form indicates that you authorize your bank to make the payment you have just made to Hansathai Traval Service.



Upon receipt of your payment
- We send you the bank's printout by e-mail (within 24 hours)
- We update your invoice of the amount paid.

- And of course we reserve the services you have buy.
You are informed by e-mail of each update of your file by the person responsible for your file and who is at your disposal to answer all your questions.


- All our Thai travel agency colleagues add the Thai charge for payment by credit card to their invoice. When they accept a payment type PayPal or Western Union; they add in the selling price of their services the exorbitant amount billed to the merchant for bank charges and fanciful exchange rates. In these cases you are of course ultimately the loser; even if for example PayPal vampirizes the suppliers while charging no fees to the customer; it's only a roundabout way, apparently painless but more expensive because of course ... no bank works for free and no merchant pays bank charges with the neighbour's money.

- In a visible or invisible way it is anyway ALWAYS YOU who pay the bank charges. Rather than deducting on the quality of the service or increasing the selling price or surprise at the last moment... we prefer to clearly indicate to you what will happen IN ALL CASES whatever your choice of partner.


- And when you pay for your hotel room at the hotel itself, so in Thailand, you will be entitled to the exchange rate (sometimes fanciful from Europeen banks in this case of payment abroad by credit card ) + the cost of payment by credit card does abroad.

- And if you forgot to tick that you want free breakfast (already included in the price of the rooms); you will be pay in more it on the spot...
And if you have forgotten to "raise" the ceiling of your credit card, you risk not being able to pay with your card.