TERM and


- Photocopy of your passports
  (if train tickets, plane tickets... included in our services)

- Date + flight number + hour arrival / departure flight
  (if airport transfer included in our services)
  (your flight reservation must be confirmed)

- Name + tel + e-mail of responsible participating in the trip.

- The telephone number of your personal insurance.
- Person to contact in case of illness or accident and in case you cannot do it yourself.


We open a GUEST SPACE dedicated to your file
(3-digit code).

We control your Reservation Order
Your reservation correspond with our automatic quote software or our personalized quote.

- We make local reservations and inform you by e-mail, etc...

In your Guest Space :
- We update your invoice
  (which contains the iPay for the balance if it is necessary)
- Amount received or to be received and balance amount and date of paiements.

Specificity for plane tickets, cruises, Peak Season dates...
- Reservation conditions and specific cancellation fees may exist.
- They are then indicated on the page of each service on our website or on your personal quote in your Guest Space.


Payment of the deposit
- At the reservation
- By Visa or Mastercard credit card
- Via iPay online payment on our website

Balance payment
- To our driver
- Cash Thai Baht
- At the start of our service

Upon receipt of payments
- We send you by e-mail the receipt printout from our bank
- Your invoice is updated with the mention "pay the..."

Contractuel Commitment

The payment of the exact amounts indicated on our invoices (without any deduction) and on the exact dates indicated on our invoices for deposit(s) and balance of the price of the reserved services are the conditions which make our commitments contractual.

- In case of payment in Thailand ; the entire invoice must be paid the first day of the first service.

- The non-payment of the exact amounts indicated and/or on the deadlines indicated ; are causes of cancellation which involve the costs of cancellation.

- The costs in the event of cancellation "for non-payment" of the amounts indicated on the invoice and/or on the dates indicated on the invoice are at least 30 percent of the price of the services initially reserved.
From D-30 of the first service, the costs are identical to those indicated in the table below in paragraph "8".


All of our full trip rates already included all fees.

- Only for train or bus tickets; sold without HANSATHAI trip ; the amount of administration fees is clearly indicated separately on our website and on our invoices.

Our rates are presented ALL TAXES INCLUDED,
Service, tax and breakfast included with hotel nights
(unless specifically mentioned)

INCLUDED by Hansathai
- The VAT (VAT) is in Thailand of 7 %
- The obligatory "Service" in hotels is 10 %

- The bank fees are at the charge of the customer.

For our rental vehicles and private drivers ; our offering Thai credit card payment fees.
It's offered fee is 5% of the iPay amount (inclus dans nos iPay).


Any reservation modification, requested by the customer and occurring AFTER the date of confirmation of the initial reservation, involves additional management costs for your file.

Amendment Fee = 2,000 Baht / File

- For each new request for modification of a file already reserve
- No refundable in any case when you cancel your reservation

This amount does not take into account any "CANCELLATION COSTS" for services already reserved (train ticket, plane ticket, hotel night, etc.) that you would have asked to cancel or, of course, the cost of new services if you want booking of other services.


In the event that you ask us to change the dates of your reservations, your initial reservation will be considered as a cancellation incurring the cancellation fees indicated in chapter 8.A.
Your new reservation dates will then be considered as a new reservation.


No reservation modification will be possible 72 hours (excluding Saturday, Sunday, local and international public holidays) before the start of our services in Asia.

- In the event that you cancel one of the services included in your program during the period indicated above, no refund can be granted to you in most cases.

- If, after your arrival in Asia, you want different or additional services to those you have already reserved, you will have to negotiate them on the spot with the local service providers, with the help (if possible and if you wish);

* From your guide
* From our Assistance-Translation service

- You will, of course, have to pay the cost of the new prestation on site.


Specificity for reservation made through a travel agency (from Europ for example); see paragraph "9" below.

- For a complete trip with Hansathai Tavel
- All types of transport, guide, visits, lunch, hotels...
- From arrival to departure from Thailand

Valid for our trips to Thailand for any reservation at least 90 days before 1st service

Cancellation insurance OFFERED



Thailand, Myanmar,
Vietnam, Cambodge, Lao
> Case of cancellation justified by the customer
- Time before the first Hansathai Travel service

Until 15 Days FREE
 14 to 8 Days   50 %
7 to 2 Days   80 %
 Under 2 Days 100 %

Thailand, Myanmar,
Vietnam, Cambodge, Lao
> Cancellation by Hansathai for unpaid invoice
- For the amount provided and indicated on our invoices
- At the due date indicated and indicated on our invoices


Special Myanmar
> Case of cancellation justified by the customer
- Time before the first Hansathai Travel service

Until 60 Days   25 %
 59 to 30 Days   35 %
 29 to 16 Days   60 %
15 to   3 Days   80 %
From 2 Days 100 %



Undil D-15
of the first service


- In case of a cancellation; we can also reschedule the travel date

The refund provided for in the table above will be made according to your choice.

- or refund by bank transfer
  (bank charges at your expense)

- or Refund in Thailand

In certain cases, such as the "High Season" period (such as local and international holidays, etc.), certain services (such as hotels on the beach, etc.) cannot be covered by the cancellation insurance.

In the event that part of the service of a circuit is not refundable
- The refundable and non-refundable amounts are indicated separately on our quotes and on our invoices

- The non-refundable portion is to be paid in full upon booking

When it's not included inside a full trip
(included all transportations in Thailand, hotels, tour guide, visits, lunchs ; in / out international airport)

Not refund directly by Hansathai Travel.
- Private car or minibus rental and driver
- Train ticket and plane, ferry boat tickets
- Dinner (cruise, panoramic, show)
- "Day trip"


> We cannot take out this CANCELLATION INSURANCE for airline personnel, their ascendants and descendants; whose rate of cancellation of reservations is much higher than the average or for customers booked through another travel agency who must themselves offer their customers their own cancellation insurance.